Throughout history, the infantry soldier has been the central pillar of the military. Even in today’s conflicts with the presence of sophisticated technologies the infantry soldier is still the decisive factor that dominates the outcome of war.

The SOURCE VIRTUS system design and integration brings the infantry soldier to a new level of performance and protection and improves his ability to successfully execute his close combat missions.

Our unprecedented and innovative approach of viewing the “Soldier as a System”, brings new solution to the following two major challenge: 1. REDUCING BURDEN 2. SCALABILITY PER THREAT AND MISSION
The SOURCE VIRTUS system incorporates for the first time ever two unique and innovative soldier subsystems; The DWD and STV Systems.

Our Dynamic Weight Distribution

(DWD) system provides real weight transference between the shoulders and the hips, easing the burden. The DWD system allows the soldier while on the move to control the load forced along the spine, while inhibiting the natural movement and flexibility of the body.

Our Scalable Tactical Vest

(STV) system allows for rapid response using minimal amount of parts, cleverly designed to enable the soldier to quickly and easily scale up or down according to different threat levels and missions.