Field & Lab Trial

The SOURCE VIRTUS system was developed in response to an on-going UK MOD tender for the next generation UK infantry load carriage and personal protection soldier system. The project aims to replace the current issued OSPREY 4 body armor and MK7 helmet. The reference to evaluate our design offered to the UK Army was thier current issued. To increase confident in our system we conducted, early December 2013 a 6 days trial.

The trial design was based upon a 3 day field trial, using 6 individuals being put through a series of demanding tasks.

This was followed by a series of laboratory tests looking at the physiological and cognitive impact of our system against the current issued baseline.

Field trial

Aim of the Field trial was to assess the two systems (SOURCE vs Current issued) during the execution of representative military tasks.

The trial followed the Battle Field Missions (BFMs) developed by the UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Lab trial

Aim of the Lab trial was to compare various biomechanical, physiological and cognitive variable that reflect the stress exerted by the two systems (SOURCE vs current issued) in a more controlled manner.

Robot test

There is, however, no point in being innovative and cutting edge if you are going to bring risk into an arena where previously there was none. The following link show a special robot we build to test and demonstrate the robustness of our DWD system.