Key LDS system Features

  1. Auto adjust to user torso size: DWD telescopic Spine-Bar provide auto adjustment to the user torso height when vest or backpack are donned.
  2. Chassis MOLEE hip belt: A contoured reinforced hip belt with a sheath connection to the Spine-Bar. The hip belt is the first layer
    to the VIRTUS system worn on the soldier and always located on the right spot on his waist. The belt interacts with all other system components. Same belt is used for the large 90L backpack and 40/45L daysacks . Having one hip belt to all system components reduces weight, cost and bulkiness. Like the traditional MOLLE belt, the VIRTUS belt carries pouches with necessary combat gear.. Lower back protection ballistic insert is embedded in the hip belt behind its lumber pad.
  3. Dynamic Load Distribution: The DWD Spine Bar is a telescopic bar that acts like a second spine shifting the load carried by the user from his upper torso to his hips. With a press of a button, the user can shift the physical load from 100% on the shoulders to 100% on the hips in increments of 15%. This can be achieved either while in a standing mode or on-the-move depending on mission or terrain. Especially on long marches the ability to change the shoulders/hips load ratio while on-the-move was found extremely effective to reduce fatigue and improve cognitive and physical starting condition before entering intensive close combat act. The shifting of the load (extending the Spine Bar) is performed by using the soldier ability to lift his shoulders as a force transducer.
  4. Interface with other systems in addition to body armor: DWD is compatible with Army current issued rucksack frame.
  5. Quick Release: When doffing the backpack, or operating the emergency quick release mechanism for the vest the Spine bar insert is automaticalle released from its sheath on the Hip-Belt. . When quickly shifting to an assault close combat order, the backpack and/or vest are removed within seconds leaving the hip-belt intact. Another quick pull of the front buckle strap will release also the hip-belt.