Key STV system Features

  1. Ballistic Coverage – In-line with US Army Technical Statement of Needs (TSN) for the SPS TP system . The front ballistic insert covers the torso from the suprasternal to the omphalion (bellybutton) and is cut inward 1 inch from the anterior scye on the torso. The back ballistic insert covers the torso from the C7 vertebrate to the omphalion.
  2. Sizing – A methodology was developed to extract ballistic patterns out of an Army anthropometric survey data base. The ballistic patterns of our current VIRTUS tactical vest are based on the Anthropometry Survey of UK Military Personnel 2006-7. We succeeded to prove that with 8 vest sizes we cover the 5th to 95th percentile of male and female UK Army user population. Our patterns provides not only good coverage but also a good sense of comfort.
  3. Full Scalability – In line with US Army TSN for the SPS TP system. One piece of textile jacket scales up to 4 different vest configurations: from a concealable vest to a full-up tactical vest. User reconfiguring his TP from a Plate Carrier (PC) to Tactical vests (TV) or vice versa takes less then 3 minutes without the help of 3rd party. Being one piece for all 4 configurations, the LDS and the MOLLE pouches attached to the vest stay intact. User in PC mode is ready to go in a TV mode within 3 minutes.
  4. Donning and Doffing – is possible either threading up from top (when helmet is off) or threading left sideways (when helmet is on). STV design represent a complete new approach of fitting the vest to the user waist circumference with NO Velcro front closure. Infinite buckle/strap adjustment allows easy fine tuning to avoid any restriction to normal breathing.
  5. Emergency Quick Release system – In line with US Army TSN for the SPS TP system. The quick release system is capable of removing of the torso vest with front, rear, side plates, LDS and extremities within 5 seconds and reassembly within 30 seconds. The torso vest remains one piece after quick release is activated. (not 2 pieces). The LDS is quick released by the same mechanism keeping the LDS hip belt on the soldier. Essential ammunition & fighting gear are kept on his hip belt ready to go
  6. Extremities Assembly – Clean cut design with no irritating corners, Easy assembly and removal, Full integration of the pelvic protection and the lower back protection with the LDS hip belt providing a continuous back protection.
  7. MOLLE pocket Attachments – Our MOLLE strap on the vest are same as current issued but our pouches use unique, assembly mechanism – 20% lighter and 50% faster to assemble when compared to traditional standard issued MOLLE pouches.