Sizing & Fit

Sizing & Fit – The Need

Sizing and fit are KEY for infantry performance and protection.
It is a well known fact that users like simple “idiot proof” fit that do not requires reading of long user manuals.
It is also a known fact that in many cases soldiers uses the wrong size of helmet, vest or backpack which results in less comfort and reduced performance.
Different Soldiers has different body shapes making proper ballistic coverage and system fit to user size a real challenge!
Poorly designed protective & load-bearing systems will lack proper fit and create pressure points, pain, discomfort and fatigue.


Sizing & Fit – The Solution

A major portion of the SOURCE VIRTUS system development was dedicated to sizing and fit issues.

The SOURCE VIRTUS system includes 8 components that should be fitted to size: Chassis / MOLLE Hip Belt, DWD, STV, Pelvic Protection, Helmet, Spectacles, Visor and Mandible.