The UK VIRTUS program

From the UK MOD Press release

In January 2015 SOURCE signed a multi-year contract with the UK MOD to supply integrated personal protection and load carriage systems to the British Military. The awarded contract is for a firm term of three years, and can be extended, by the UK MOD, until 2026.

Major General Paul Jaques, Director Land Equipment at MOD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), said: “DE&S is committed to supporting the Armed Forces by providing them with a high standard of equipment and this new personal protection and load carriage system meets that requirement. In challenging troop trials we found it performed exceptionally well and was a step change improvement on the in-service equipment. Key is the integrated nature of the system that enables the soldier to operate far more effectively.”

VIRTUS is a comprehensive system of integrated combat and protective gear developed by SOURCE to cope with the challenges and needs of the modern infantry soldier in today’s battlefield.